#NoCashTrip Europe: inside Europe without cash for 13 days.

#NoCashDay Europe: Departure on June 15th from Bergamo the most cashless city in Italy, ends in Liverpool with the special guest David Birch.

Italy, Liechtenstein, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, France and England, are the countries reached by #NoCashTrip Europe, the road trip without cash, which for the first time passes through Europe to uncover the virtuous countries of the cashless society, innovative start-ups in the fintechpayment industry and the contribution of ePayment technology as an instrument of financial inclusion.

#nocashtrip europeJune 13th, 2016 – After three years in Italy, the fourth edition of #NoCashTrip begins in Bergamo, organized by the Italian CashlessWay association, [hashtag #NoCashTrip] which will end in Liverpool on June 27th.

3 people and 8 states in 13 days, traveling more than 4000 kilometres by care, to dive in to that part of Europe which every year spends 0.46% of GDP (about 60 billion euro) for the management of cash and where the use of payment cards varies from about 250 operations per year in countries such as Sweden to about 7 in countries such as Bulgaria. An intense journey, #NoCashTrip Europe, to draw a map of the state of art and of the opportunities offered by what is increasingly being defined as “cashless society”.

For the duration of #NoCashTrip Europe, the crew is forbidden to use cash relying on their rich with options travel kit:

  • Credit card issued by CartaSi, equipped with contactless technology and combined with the MySi App.
  • American Express credit card which includes the travel platform, providing the crew with a direct line of customer service consultants to receive help and advice for various needs.
  • The PAyGO service of Intesa Sanpaolo that allows you to virtualize a card and pay directly with your smartphone in contactless mode.
  • The Ticket Restaurant® Mobile App for the payment of meals in contactless mode or via code, works both in restaurants and in supermarkets, allowing a complete virtualization of Ticket Restaurant.

Even the #NoCashTrip Europe car fits the spirit of the trip: Opel for the third consecutive year participates in the initiative, this time with an Astra Sports Tourer Diesel BiTurbo equipped with the OnStar system, the exclusive Opel service available 24/7 with automatic call in case of accident, localization and ignition lock for vehicle theft and roadside assistance; Also through the app MyOpel, you can open and close the doors from a distance, send a destination to the navigator and much more.

The #NocashTrip Europe will verify the level of penetration of digital payment tools from three points of view:

  • Cashless society – If citizen services are innovative and technologically efficient, the epayment market develops rapidly. Let’s see which countries are virtuous, which aren’t and why.
  • Fintech – Europe is full of companies (startups or established) which offer the market innovative solutions for money management. The #NoCashTrip Europe intends to meet the most interesting.
  • Financial Inclusion – Theme under the attention of the World Bank, of governments and businesses: include about 60 milion Europeans (2.5bn worldwide) in the financial ecosystem it means putting in place a huge social inclusion task and a huge opportunity for the markets. #NoCashTrip Europe is interested in understanding which territories are implementing virtuous financial inclusion policies.

The departure could only be from Bergamo, the first Italian city that in 2015 started an outreach program in favour of the use of electronic money: Cashless City. On this occasion, the mayor of Bergamo Giorgio Gori and the manager Chicco Testa will be “special guests” of #NoCashTrip Europe. The journey then crosses Liechtenstein, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, France and ends in England, in Liverpool at the major conference 360 Digital Payments organized by the EPA (Emerging Payments Association – see program). Accompanying the official crew of #NoCashTrip Europe in the final english milestone will be David Birch, the world’s leading authority on the subject of digital payments and identity. Several special events will mark the milestones of #NoCashTrip Europe, such as the Copenhagen convention organized by Fintech Copenhagen and Innovation Research at the Danish Bankers’ Association to welcome the milestone of the journey in Denmark (see program).  The official crew consists of Geronimo Emili (President of CashlessWay), Gianluigi De Stefano (journalist and TV author), Nicola Cavalazzi and Fred Portelli (movie-makers).

Geronimo Emili, President of CashlessWay – “The CashlessWay commitment is always directed to the public and to the demolition of the cultural barrier towards digital payments through proper information. The goal is to build a responsible use of cash by making people know how many social and economic benefits this can bring”.

#NoCashTrip Europe is an operation of CashlessWay, the Italian association for the promotion of digital purchase tools, sponsored by CartaSi, Edenred, PAyGO and American Express, Bemoov, CFIR, Ingenico, Opel.

There are many available tools to follow the adventure of #NoCashTrip Europe, from the possibility to read the posts and see photos and real-time videos on Facebook, Twitterand Instagram, to the travel mail and Telegram channel as well as the crew’s real time position:

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